Not fair!!

“How much is it?’ I asked the auto driver as I bargained for a ride to the railway station to pick up a friend. “200 rupees ma’am.” He said without batting an eyelid.”That’s not fair!”I screamed in my head. For 7.2 kms? However, after the battle in my head as to whether I should walk away or bargain (a skill I’m pathetic at!), or just give in, I decided to concede, considering my options of getting another ride was quite bleak at that late hour.

How many times have we felt cheated and said that phrase either in our heads or out loud? If you ask me, the sky would have to serve as the blackboard if I were to start counting.

Yeah it’s not fair that you got screamed at for no fault of yours, it’s not fair that your colleague who does nothing absolutely manages to walk off on time while you’re stuck trying to mop up, it’s not fair that you have to wait longer than others for a breakthrough in your life, it’s not even fair that the your mom’s cooking amazing food at home while you have to make do with the excuse of a meal they’re serving in your hostel , it’s not fair that people your same age are travelling countries and seeing places while you’re still trying to catch that one precious hour of sleep wondering whether you’ve missed anything that your senior might pick on tomorrow morning for rounds, it’s not fair that that mother who waited the longest to have a baby finally lost that child to a drowning accident….I could go on. So could you. Every single day, we have these multiple moments when we think- Oh that’s so not fair!

I’ve been thinking a lot on those lines recently too- with a few recent happenings, I’ve thought- Why should I deserve this? Why isn’t God, being a just God, not doing anything? What have I done to be going through all of this? Why isn’t fire raining down from heaven on all this injustice?

And as I’ve been walking around wrestling in my heart with the Almighty for answers to these questions, He put this thought in my mind. Yeah, so life is not fair. Who said it was anyways?

So you loved and they never loved back; you cared, but they couldn’t care less; you worked hard, but you just got more work in return; you tried hard, nobody noticed; you fell, people just passed by; you were being nice, they took advantage; you were there when they needed a shoulder but you had a rock to cry on- so what do you do? After you’re done with the complaining and the chanting of the phrase that it’s not fair, what do you do?? After the blood boils and the emotions rise and fall?

Now that’s where God stepped in and reminded me of this song that said ‘I am a child of God’. How does that make anything different? It doesn’t change anything or anyone else but it changes something inside of me. Reinforces my identity in Him.

Even if nothing changes, you continue to love, continue to care,continue to work hard, continue to lend your shoulder, continue to share your heart and your life- for you belong to the God who sits on His throne and who watches over you like nobody, mind you, nobody else can. You are His own- the apple of His eye.

And He will see to it that justice is measured out to you- at some point of time when He thinks is perfect and it will be beautiful.

He knows.

What do you think?

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry (Psalm 34:15)

2 thoughts on “Not fair!!”

  1. Yes dear, fully agree with u. Thats why Charles Swindoll said ‘world is more chaos than order’ ‘the not fair’ is part of the chaos. How do i face this ‘not fair’.. May be dont expect them to be fair! Compliment if they r fair! Because they belong to rare species! Thank God there r some who r thinking to be ‘fair’. Yes there is fairness – – though rare–though occasional. Lets celebrate those moments. Life is not fair But God is Justand i will cling on to that and move on with His strength.


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